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Meet Kym

Kym Garraway is an artist with a zest for life that is vividly portrayed in her paintings, which feature vibrant colors along with everything she loves from God's creation. Her favorite subjects include florals, fruits, botanicals, wildlife and children's themes, which she beautifully illustrates so that they seem to leap out at you. This creative artist is never one to claim praise for her work. She feels that her talent is a gift from God. "It is God's talent and God's Glory" she says. 

One of the most unique features of her work is the inclusion of a Bible verse hidden in each painting and a personally written Bible devotion on the back. The hidden verse has become so popular that she now hides other items in her paintings. The three dots that follow her name and signature represent the Trinity and are a testament to her faith, a tradition that began when she was four years old. 

Kym's primary media is watercolor Her watercolor paintings are then used for lithographic prints and Giclee'prints in limited and open editions as well as notecards. Recently she has branched out into a ceramic line, with gourmet bottles, trivets, trays, clocks, memo boards, magnets, etc. 

Kym is a licensed artist for JOHN DEERE©. Her husband and children are a special part of her heart. Juggling family life, the demands of being an artist and speaking to churches, youth groups and schools is a giant task. However, she has found an overwhelming strength in God and the faith that makes her motives clear, peaceful and confident.

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